LearnLoadRunner aims to be a one-stop shop for those wanting to learn about LoadRunner. Other than the topics like correlation, parametrization, analysis etc, it covers tip-and-tricks with LoadRunner which provide valuable information to beginners and help them around the typical stumbling blocks with LoadRunner.

About the author:

I’m Ankur Jain. I work with and write about automation testing tools, and am a Mercury (now HP) certified Quick Test Pro specialist. I have worked on large-scale testing assignments that cover a range of testing automation tools, using various technologies like Visual Basic, Active X, Java, Siebel, Mainframes and Oracle.

This is my second initiative in the software testing tools area, the first being my QTP blog LearnQTP which has been very well received by the testing community.
When not working on testing, I can be found online playing chess or researching cool new technologies.

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