All about web_url and web_link in LoadRunner

Points to note with web_url and web_link:

  • web_url is not a context sensitive function while web_link is a context sensitive function. Context sensitive functions describe your actions in terms of GUI objects (such as windows, lists, and buttons). Check HTML vs URL recording mode.
  • If web_url statement occurs before a context sensitive statement like web_link, it should hit the server, otherwise your script will get error’ed out.
  • While recording, if you switch between the actions, the first statement recorded in a given action will never be a context sensitive statement.
  • The first argument of a web_link, web_url, web_image or in general web_* does not affect the script replay. For example: if your web_link statements were recorded as

    Now, when you parameterize/correlate the first argument to

    On executing the above script you won’t find the actual text of the parameter {Welcome to Learn LoadRunner} instead you will find {Welcome to Learn LoadRunner} itself in the execution log. However to show the correlated/parameterized data you can use lr_eval_string to evaluate the parameter.


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