How to increase available RAM on machine

Increase RAM

We have talked in length about RAM, memory leakage and how to calculate memory requirements. The question is, what shall we do if we run out of RAM/memory?

The word increasing RAM is actually a misnomer. We all know RAM comes in the form of a chip and that is fixed, when we say increasing memory/RAM we mean to increase the Virtual memory associated with RAM. We have already seen that when a system runs out of space it allots some of the RAM to virtual memory . So can you increase this virtual memory?

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Click on ‘Settings’ under Performance section.
  2. Now go to advanced tab. Click ‘Change’ under Virtual Memory section.
  3. Select the drive where your paging files reside. Generally they are present in C: drive. Change the value and click on ‘Set’.

The steps given above are for Windows XP professional. I believe steps for other OS will more or less be the same. Tags: ,


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