Does It Make Sense to Upgrade to LoadRunner 11.5?

So you’re still running that old stable LoadRunner 9.5 version and wondering if you should finally upgrade to 11.5? Well, I’ll try to answer that question and more in this post about the latest and greatest features with this 11.5 release and also answer some questions about recent HP Support announcements. [LoadRunner 11.5 was released for the public on June 30th, 2012]

The first big thing you’ll notice when you launch the 11.5 version is the revamped VuGen utility. This was HP’s attempt to develop a friendlier IDE and get it up to speed with other popular development tool IDE’s. Below is a short list of some of the upgraded features:


VuGen Console

  • A more modern and intuitive look and feel with flexible panes and layouts.
  • A context-sensitive editor that fully supports code completion and provides enhanced coloring and formatting.
  • True C language debugger has been added.
  • Solution Explorer makes it easier to group multiple scripts and perform script related operations.
  • New capabilities for search and replace, both in log and snapshots.
  • Step Navigator replaces tree view for single view of the script with easy filtering and search.
  • Context sensitive help for application elements being used at the time (by selecting F1 key).

New Correlation Studio

  • Hosts all correlation functionality in one place: record-based, replay-based, correlation rules, and correlation from snapshot.
  • Correlations can be found based on server responses during recording.
  • New APIs for locating parameters based on Xpath and Regular Expressions.

Data Format Extension for Google Web Toolkit

  • Turn formatted data into a more readable format, allowing for easier correlation and parameterization.

Recording 64-bit Applications

  • Support for recording 64-bit applications has been added to the existing support for 64-bit operating systems. (Note: replay is still 32 bit based).

Ipv6 Support

  • Ipv6-based applications can be tested in addition to applications based on IPV4.
  • Supports IP spoofing.


  • VuGen ConsoleCommunity sharing option now integrated into the tool.
  • Easily access forums, blogs and Twitter, or add your own search engine to enable access directly from within the development environment.


  • Mobile application protocols used: Web (HTTP/HTML) for Native applications and HP Ajax TruClient for browser-based.
  • HP Ajax TruClient support for Internet Explorer 9.
  • Enhancements on HP TruClient for Firefox.
  • Web protocol support for asynchronous (poll, long poll, and push) interactions.
  • Web services enhancements for better security support and improved WCF handling.
  • Flex enhancements for web correlation mechanisms and web requests support.
  • .NET4 support has been added to the already existing 2-3.5 frameworks.

Enhanced Analysis

  • New Real Time Messaging Protocol Flex Graphics.
  • TruClient Breakdown graphs.
  • Ability to set global option of absolute/relative time on the graphs.

Custom Script Extensibility

  • Ability to extend on VuGen IDE by developing add-ins to integrate into the user interface.
  • Ability to leverage Microsoft Visual Studio to edit scripts.
  • Ability to include custom code in scripts with JavaScript, Java, and VBScript.

Integration With HP Service Virtualization

VuGen for Business Process Monitoring

  • Supports script parameterization from within BSM script repository.
  • Multiple scripts can be uploaded into an existing folder in the script repository using drag-and-drop.

Environments Added

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Windows 7 SP1 (32 and 64 bit)

Check the official datasheet on What’s new in HP LoadRunner 11.5 software?

Other than the new features above,  the newly announced HP product support news may also influence your decision on whether to upgrade to 11.5.

  • Version obsolescence of LoadRunner 9.x has been announced. All LoadRunner 9.x customers with an active support contract are eligible to upgrade to LoadRunner 11.50.
  • They have indicated that the entire LR configuration on customer’s support contract may need to be updated to the new product structure.

Some key dates are listed below regarding HP LoadRunner support and licensing:

Date Details
Dec 31, 2013 End of current product support for LoadRunner 9.x
End of support for pre-merger HP product structure and old HP (pre-Nov 2010) product structure
Dec 31, 2015 End of self-help support for LoadRunner 9.x
End of self-help support for pre-merger HP product structure and old HP product structure

So with all this being said, I do believe it makes sense to undertake the upgrade process to version 11.5. If nothing else, you get the latest and greatest VuGen code editor which can make scripting complex scripts faster with code completion, enhanced coloring and formatting. As always you need to consider what version your current test assets are in, and pick a time when you have some empty test cycles to get the new environment stood up and shake out things appropriately. Plus, keep in mind that LoadRunner scripts are not backwards compatible.


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