Cost of LoadRunner

The link I am giving below is from the old Google Answers and dated. Nonetheless it can give you an approximate idea of the cost of our load testing tool, LoadRunner.

Summary from the linkimage

Cost of Controller: $22,000

Cost of Virtual users:

  • 25 – $ 16,000
  • 50 – $ 22,000
  • 100 – $ 33,000
  • 200 – $ 44,000
  • 500 – $ 55,000

For ERP Vusers add 50% more to the above prices.

In addition to above the company charge 20% of the total costs for support (yearly basis).

Again as I said, the link is dated and after the acquisition of Mercury by HP, the prices might have changed. Please contact your vendor/HP to get the latest and exact price. Let us know through the comments below if you have any update on the topic.

Cost Of LoadRunner— Google Answers


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